Customizing Page Flows

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In addition to staying on the current page you can also control where the page flows to based on the result of an action, e.g. to another page if the process was a success.


Setting up a Return Flow


1. Right Click on any form based page and select the General menu item and you will see the section shown below:




2. Select the tab you want to create a page flow for e.g. the Returns on Success and make your selections.


Link Type - This drop down covers a wide range of possible flow or web options.




In This Group - refers to a group in your project


GotoPage - is the page within the selected group


3. You can also specify what return values are passed on to the next process. Click on Parameters.. to bring up the Parameters dialog.




The item above was added by clicking on the Add button and filling in the following Add Param dialog.





Note the process is the same for Returns on a Back action.