Linking to Scripts

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There are many payment gateways and dynamic sites that use scripts to process forms and other information.  CGI scripts typically have a fixed URL, plus parameters, such as a vendor ID or product ID.  You can easily generate dynamic hyperlinks to CGI scripts using dbQwikSite.


To Add a Dynamic Link to a CGI Script:


1. Right Click on the Page Item in which you want to create a link


2. Select Properties from its popup menu. The Page Item Properties dialog appears.


3.  In the Hyperlink section, Select the Goto Page radio button.


4. Select the Outside of this button


5. Type the fixed part of the URL: input box (eg




6. Add the parameters using the add button. You can add both static text and field values as you require.




dbQwikSite will format the final URL for you,  with the relevant parameters when it generates the page.  You can see an example displayed at the bottom of the Page Item Properties dialog box.