Customizing Validation Scripts

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There are two types of validation scripts, those Global scripts applied to the whole project and scripts that can be individually applied to the input properties of a single screen.


Modifying the Global Validation Scripts


1. Click on the Global Group and then on Setup in the main panel.


2. Click on Validation Settings to show that panel.




3. Select a Validation Rule and Click on Customize.




4. Edit the validation rule's JavaScript code and click on OK. Note that you can also restore the default function by clicking on that button.



Modifying the Screen Level Validation Scripts


1. Right click on any Item in the Items list to bring up the Input Properties screen.


2. Click on the Data Validation tab




3. Uncheck Uses Global Validation Settings to override the global control.


4. Select the Validation Rule you want to modify and click on Customize.


5. Edit the JavaScript in the Custom Function panel (see above).


6. Click on OK to change or Restore Default to return to original.