Static Drop Down Lists

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A static drop down list is a fixed, predefined list of values. If you want to display a variable set of values read from your database you will need to use a Dynamic Drop Down list.


To Create a Static Drop Down List:


1. Right Click on the items of the page that you want to format, and then select Properties from its popup menu


2. The Input Properties dialog box appears




1. Click on the Item Editor on the toolbar


2. Click on the relevant row of the Type column




3. From the Type drop down list, select List/Menu Type.




4. Click on the Add button, the Choice Properties Dialog will be displayed.




Choice: The text that will appear in the list.

Value:   It is possible that your database values are not particularly user friendly (eg. Product IDs).  You can use  the CHOICE label to provide a meaningful name and use the codes in the Value.  If you do not use such   codes, then the same value (ie the database value) should be used in both the CHOICE and the VALUE   fields.


Not Selected: Indicates which value in the List will be the default selection. You can only select one     value to be the default value.  If you wish to change the default, you must uncheck the     current default, then select your new default.


Click Add to continue adding new fields to the static list until you have added all your required fields


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