Creating ADO Connections

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Should you wish to manually set up an ADO connection, rather than using the Connection Wizard, the steps to set up the connection are as follows:

When you are in the ADO Administrator, click the New Connection Button btn_ADO_New_Connection_001





The first three selections are standard from Microsoft. If you select ODBC then your pre-existing ODBC Connection will be configured for ADO use. Other refers to additional ADO connections provided by other vendors e.g. Informix.




Clicking on OK shows the screen above.


Fill in the fields that define your ADO connection, (NB: these will vary depending on the ADO connection type you select):


Provider The Database you will be accessing

Data source/Server The name of the SQL Server

Workstation The name of the Web server

User ID Login ID, if using SQL Security

Password Password, if using SQL Security

Initial Catalog/Database The name of the database.

Packet Size The amount of data to read at once. The default is typically OK

Connect Timeout How long to wait for a command to return before failure.

Windows Security For a Windows login account vs SQL Security to access the DB.


Next step is click the Test Connection to make sure it is working. A successful connection you will produce a summary of the test.


Note: if you are using Windows Security, connections that work with the account you are presently logged in under, may not work for the account that the web service providers uses.  Your host provider can help you work within the security settings of your host server.


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