Separating Pages Into Categories

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In your site design you may wish to separate your data into categories.  This will allow your visitors to see subsets of records that are logically related. For example a Used Auto Dealer may want to allow visitors to view cars by make, or an electronics store may want to have a number of "departments": Small Appliances, Major Appliances, Home Entertainment, and so on.


Categories allow you to separate your Data Page into groups based on a field value in your dataset. In the above examples, the auto dealer would create a category called MAKE, and the electronic store would use DEPARTMENT.


To Add Categories to Your Data Page:


1. Right Click on the Data Page and select Properties from the popup menu


2. The Page Setting Window will appear


3. Select Data Pages > Category Setup


4. Check the check box to enable the option for creating categories. From here, you can set the options for your categories.




dbQwikSite has a number of settings to allow you to use categories under a wide variety of database designs.


Load category list from - Where you select the table name holding the categories


In some databases this may be a separate table that stores the category, a code, a name and description for each category.  


Other databases may simply have a field in the data rows that represents the category.

You need to declare whether you will be using the separate table or your data table.


Field in my data - the field to map from

Key field - the field to map to in your database table

Display category - what is shown to the user.


When you preview the Data Page, it will be as shown below depending on which Layout Style you chose from:

Drop down or Hyperlink