About dbQwikSite

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dbQwikSite allows you to create dynamic, database web sites, without having to write a single line of  web script , HTML or SQL code.


With dbQwikSite you can build all kinds of interactive web sites ranging from simple publication of a database table, to on-line data entry and collection, to full scale E-Commerce web stores complete with payment processing.


dbQwikSite is simple to use and has proven useful for both novices and professionals creating websites.  Read Quick Start to learn how you can easily produce web applications.


Beneath the clear and intuitive interface, you will find a feature rich tool, with a wealth of functions and options.  See Features to learn more about the full potential of dbQwikSite.


dbQwikSite comes with Sample Projects for you to try and which will help you to learn by example.


dbQwikSite is produced by TheDevShop Ltd.


For more information and registration go to the dbQwikSite home page www.dbQwikSite.com