ECommerce Enhancements

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These new ecommerce features include Inventory Management, Order Saving to Database, and ability to add Shipping Charges and Tax Calculation.


Inventory Management will check available inventory while ordering and decrement your inventory levels when an order is placed.


Shopping Cart Setup


a. dbQwikSite Shopping Cart




Mandatory Settings

All required fields, which are Product Code, Description, and Price.


Note: Price field has to be numeric data type.


Order Processing: Select order option that you want. Order Saving table will be enabled if you select option that saves order to database.


Advanced Options


This is where you can add Tax, Shipping charges, and Inventory Management.




Enable Tax: You can also add a checkbox that users can select and set your tax rate

Shipping Charge: Select shipping charge field

Custom SQL: If your price field is in different table, you can use Custom SQL

Inventory Management:  Select inventory charge field, check inventory level and decrement inventory level.

Note: Shipping Charge field and Inventory have to be numeric data type.

Custom Texts: This is where you can set custom text and currency.



Payment Gateway: World Pay, Authorize.Net, and SecPay




Mandatory Setting, Advanced Options, and Order saving is the same as using dbQwikSite shopping cart.


You also need to fill in Payment Gateway Parameter settings according to Payment Gateway that you use.



Payment Gateway: PayPal




Note: If you are using PayPal, you can choose to use PayPal or dbQwikSite shopping cart. If you use PayPal shopping cart, you cannot save your order to database and cannot use inventory management feature. For World Pay, Authorize.Net, and SecPay, it will use dbQwikSite shopping cart.