Are Online Slots Really Rigged Against You?

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You don’t have to look far to find someone claiming that casino games are rigged. From your one friend that claims to know everything, to your reclusive uncle that lives up the road, they’ll both waffle on about how casino games are fixed against players. But are they really?

In short, no casino games aren’t rigged, and if you play smart you can win big. Casinos operate according to the law, meaning that the games follow a strict set of rules and regulations. Though, the question is a bit more complicated, if taking into account the world of unlicensed casinos. Let’s take a closer, unbiased look at whether casino games are rigged.

What Is a Casino License?

Casinos, both online and land-based, must be licensed. In order to get a license a casino must approach the local government, put in an application, and demonstrate a willingness to abide by the law. As you probably already know, each global region has a set of its regulations. If a casino wants to offer games in that region, it must closely follow government-approved regulations.

It is no surprise that all casino regulations, no matter where you are in the world, aim to protect the player. Including, naturally, enforcing rules that keep casino games fair. If a casino doesn’t follow the regulations it will be fined and shut down immediately, it’s as simple as that.

The Rule Of RNG

But at an online casino, how is it known for sure that the digital games are operating fairly? Surely the programmers that made the software know how the games are going to play out.

No, even the software engineers that make games don’t have insight into the specifics of each gameplay round. The secret is a little mechanic called RNG. Random Number Generators (RNG) are a technological marvel, creating hundreds of thousands of random numbers per second. Online casino games use RNG, with each game selecting a number, at random, when the time comes. Check out a few of the online slots Australia loves, spin the reels yourself, and watch RNG in action.

The Danger Of Rogue Casinos

But there is a fly in the ointment. That fly is unlicensed, rogue casinos. There are online casinos that exist that aren’t licensed, and aren’t playing by the rules. In short, they’re dangerous. The illegally operating casinos lure in unsuspecting players, take their money, and don’t offer fair games.

Don’t worry, though, illegal online casinos are normally easy to spot. The trick is that licensed casinos provide their licensing information. Illegal casinos may pretend to be licensed, but won’t don’t stand up to any scrutiny. Look at the bottom of an online casino’s homepage. The licensing details should be present. If they aren’t, you have good reason to be concerned. If you can’t find a license contact the site’s customer support centre.

Remember; any casino that operates under a license is bound by law to be fair. But this still doesn’t mean you should play irresponsibly. Bet smart, stay informed and always quit while you’re ahead.