Online Betting Alternatives to Sports

Online Betting Alternatives for Kiwi Sports Betting Lovers online

Did you know that the world of online betting isn’t just about sports? Sure, it’s incredibly popular and fun to bet on the likes of football, basketball, and baseball. However, there are plenty of other places where you can get the same thrill and excitement – and the same chance to win big.

Let’s take a look at a few alternatives for online betting:

  1. eSports

This may look like the same thing as sports betting, but the world of esports is very different to live sports. eSports are any computer or video game – not just those based on actual sports in the real world. The term covers any competitive gaming where individuals or teams compete to win a prize. This can be one-off matches or entire tournaments.

The competitors in an esports tournament are similar to athletes in a sport. They need to practice their craft and ensure they have the match-day temperament to perform well on the day. For those wanting to bet, you can place your bets in much the same way as you would on a regular sporting tournament – who is going to win overall, who will win certain stages, the highest hit rates, or top scorer for specific elements of the game.

  1. Politics

Betting on politics – local, national, and international – has been around since democracy started, pretty much. It’s all about looking at specific electoral races and betting on the outcome. You can bet on who is going to win, or you can spice things up even more and bet on what percentage a candidate will win by. You can also bet on who will get nominations for parties, or which party will win the most seats.

There are plenty of options in election betting to choose from. You just need to ensure that you know your politics and politicians – the same way you would know your athletes and your sports.

  1. Reality TV

Reality TV has become incredibly popular over the last two decades. From Survivor to the Bachelor to Master Chef to Married at First Sight – these shows have taken over the airways and the streaming services. Now, keen betters have taken to betting on the outcomes of these television shows.

Many of the shows follow similar patterns – a group of people who get eliminated week by week. For betting purposes, you can apply your stakes in many different ways. You can bet on the overall victor of the show, or you can bet weekly on who is going to get kicked off. Sometimes you’ll find odds for the gender of the finalist or who is going to be voted the fan favorite.

It’s important to note that most bookmakers will only offer odds on shows that are aired live. They don’t want to be caught short if information about the contestants is leaked before the show has aired.

Get Your Fix on More Than Just Sports

Online betting really does come in all shapes and sizes. If sports aren’t your thing, you’re sure to find an alternative to enjoy betting on.