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Looking for recommendations and customer references? This page contains true quotes from real customers of dbQwikSite. Read about what other users are saying and how other users benefit when using dbQwikSite code generator to create database web sites.

dbQwikSite Developer Edition is a revolutionary product that will change the way you create websites forever!...This excellent tool will help you create a fully-functional, ready to be uploaded sites in hours!

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Your software is worth a lot more than your selling it for on the web. I have looked at every piece of software including the free ones like radria. DBQwik is the best one that I found and it actually works.

Stacey Wilson, California USA

Thank you very, very much for your help and the wonderful tips. I am pleased with the scale able software tools and features that your software company offers. I have been working on creating similar software on my own, but now I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I have never seen any that comes remotely close to what is offered here. Your company has saved me literally thousands of hours work that I will not have to do now. You folks are to be exceedingly congratulated for this amazing job so well done! I will be incorporating your software in all of my website and online gaming design projects. And I am in the process of transferring all of my website and game design projects into your web hosting programs as well. THANK YOU!!!

David Hafen

“I am absolutely delighted with the program.”

Adriano dos Santos Freitas, Brazil

Thank you much for your lightning fast response. You have an awesome product!


“Wow thank you so much! It is an amazing application and so easy to use! I will be recommending DBQ Dev to all I know!  Thanks so much…ITS  BRILLIANT

Eddie Hughes

The Dev Edition will be a big boon. Thanks.

Mark Klugman

The Developer's Edition is what I was hoping for. You have done an awesome job.

Petr Polak

“… reading your blog entry about the new developer edition and watching the little video there that convinced me that dbQwikSite Developer was just what I was looking for my business.  …The sheer coolness of just being able to call Google Graph APIs  along with the other customizable features sold me on your product.”

Jason Burnette

“…dbQwikSite has become a huge benefit to help me rapidly deploy many applications in PHP with MySQL on Apache for my clients.  There are many options available for rapid development on ASP/MS SQL/IIS applications, but outside of Borland/Code Gear’s “Delphi for PHP”, there is nothing RAD to compete with you – and frankly, theirs is so code-heavy when rolled out that the speed degradation is as bad as -  or worse than – ASP/MS SQL/IIS.  In my opinion, the extra “bells and whistles” theirs has can’t compete.”

Randy Martinsen, Business Growth Strategist, Accelerated Marketing Group, USA

"Wow, I am impressed with your support already. I don't get this level of detailed support with some of our $10k programs. .I really need a product like yours to be able to quickly put ASP and dot.net adhoc projects together on a moments notice. .the simplicity [of dbQwikSite] is sort of nice for a change. I can spend a day or two on something [that] your product does in 2-3 minutes..."

Alan, USA

“There is no way that in the last 7 months or so I could have taught myself PHP and MySQL to such a degree that I could have created 3 such complex database driven websites [as I have done with dbQwikSite].”


“..Nice tool! In about an hour I was able to replicate most of the functionality of an Intranet app that took me a few days to build. … Thanks!” 

Ron Pachecom, ALS Technologies, Inc.

Hi, I have been using dbQwikSite 5.2 for a couple of weeks now and still not written a line of PHP code which is great! The database centric application is progressing very well with great supporting documentation. I can think of quite a few enhancements - but thats the nature of software! You deserve every success with this.

David Brown

I think dbQwikSite is an excellent program.  I plan to generate a ton of php modules, when I learn how to use it. I have written thousands of lines of php by hand.  This will greatly shorten the process of designing php sites. I can see a great deal of work has gone into the design of this product.

Dan Bell

Thanks so much!!! I am new to your products but your support is first class. Rare these days. Look forward to using your software. Thanks again.

, Western Light Graphics,

Hi Justed wanted to say that I have upgraded to version 5.1 Ecommerce pro it has some great new features. The best program I have ever used to generate database web applications. I will use dbqwiksite for years to come. THE BEST PROGRAM OUT THERE.

Dervish Ibrahim
, United Kingdom

“....great stuff.   …it is the most extensive automated interface I have seen.”

Tass Gioia, WEBWORK.COM CORP. New York, NY

Hey guys,
I've been a customer for a long time now, and I have to say that each new release has been great. This one's [Version 5] added a couple of features that'll make dbQwikSite a killer app. Fantastic work, folks!


“You have a great product… I continue to be amazed as I find ways to use your software product, dbQwikSite.  It is allowing me to do almost everything I wanted to do in a web database project….I never learned HTML or PHP programming. ”

Nolan Gilbert, USA
I'm very interested with your dbQwikSite. I think it's totally brilliant.awesome!

, Indonesia

Hi there, I have just upgraded to v5 of dbQwikSite ECom edition - great new features, nice update - thank you!

Craig Paterson
, cp:fusion, United Kingdom
(Great Britain)

“Thanks for your help.  … I can use my new 22" monitor with dbQwiksite.  You and your company always respond in a fast and professional way.”

Mark Thorpe

… I must give a (sincere) compliment for your software. On the many aspects (not only db aspects) of what is really a platform-migration dbQwikSite provides a very intuitive introduction.

I compared thoroughly, I downloaded and tried some other RAD´s (codecharge, new Alpha5v8, coffee cup and smaller apps) and I must say none has such an intuitive approach as dbQwikSite.”

Jaap Haasnoot
, Netherlands

Hi There I purchased the E-Commerce package yesterday, and I have
to say its great exactly what i need.

I am still trying to get use to the features but I have not come across a
package that generates asp script as fast as yours.


Dervish Ibrahim, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

"... If you are thinking about building any kind of processing to a database and are not sure how to do it this is a great starting tool. In many cases this is all you will ever need …"

James Hein, Columnist, Thailand
Bangkok Post

Your service and help, is market leader as with your product. Microsoft and many other companies would do well to learn from you. 5* Service from A Blue Chip company, glad I spent my money so wisely.

Very impressed by your support again.

Mark, UK

Thank you for the resolution. There is no need to apologize for the delay. I've always found your support helpful and very well done. You've got a great product and great support.

Jerry Sullivan, Navillus Web Works, USA

Thank you for the software, appreciate the fast response. Most places take 2 to 3 weeks to response you are fast compared to them. Love the product also.

Thanks again

Kevin Gilmore, USA

Also, I want to say thanks for the great software--I had been a user of ASPMaker and PHPMaker, and dbQwikSite is not only more user-friendly, but more powerful when it comes to overall functionality and it's much easier to integrate output into an existing site's look-and-feel. Thanks again for the *great* product!


Erin, Welsh Piper LLC, USA

“Our group has purchased … Qwiksite Pro software. We like the tool … We typically are looking at using the Qwiksite Pro tool for reporting. It saves us the development and maintenance time associated with writing ASP code ourselves.”

RG, Nestle USA

“… I’m absolutely delighted with the programme. I’ve been trying to find a simple way to access databases on the web for a long time and find that SQL is just beyond me. Your programme encouraged me to transfer to an Microsoft® server and I am now experimenting with ASP. The whole site is much more controllable”.


“…Tried your software, found it to be excellent and would like to purchase multiple copies for my web developers.”

Aaron, FOJP Service Corp.

“Your product has been a blessing so far. I have deployed websites with my own templates and everything works well.”

Peter F., USA

“We have been testing your software, dbQwikSite and we think it is wonderful. It is stable and easy to use.”

Guong, emaGnet Co., Ltd. Korea

“The program itself is probably the best for interface and ease of use…”

D. Grant, Student, Ireland

“I am very pleased with the software in general and plan to upgrade this week. …Thank you for your excellent software tool.”

Grant W., Shorebird Studio, USA

“(I) am currently evaluating this software, so far am impressed…”

Andy, nxconcepts, Singapore

“ Hi. So far, I like your tool very much. I am able to pass a php variable from page to page. very good… many thanks for a very nice tool.”

Randy R., ticketthing.com, USA

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