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Linked Drop Down Controls
Do you have a pick lists, that are related? Such as City/State? When a visitor picks a State only cities in that state should show in the cities list? Doing this with dbQwikSite is as easy as telling dbQwikSite that the city list needs to be filtered b
Available in Edition:

File Upload
Build on-line maintenance or collaborative sites. You add file upload buttons to pages that add and update records, the uploaded files are automatically associated to the database record. Works for pictures, Office Documents, or any electronic file.
Available in Edition:

User Column Sorts
Users can sort lists of records just by clicking sort icons in the column headings. You control which columns are sortable.
Available in Edition:

User Page Sizing
Pages that list records can be fixed size or you can let your visitors adjust the page size during their visit to their preference. It is as easy as enabling an page setting option.
Available in Edition:

Calendar Pickers
Offer pop-up calendars for date input fields. dbQwikSite will automatically add popup date pickers to date fields.
Available in Edition:

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