What is a Project

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What is a Project?  When you start dbQwikSite, and design web pages, this design is called a "Project". All your project design is stored in a dbQwikSite file with the file extension .dbh and in an XML file project_name.xml.


Why don't we just call it a "web site"?  Most of the time one project is one web site, but this is not always the case.  You may create a web site made up of many projects.  We also don't call it a "web site" because it may not be your web site in it's entirety, you could well have many pages of your web site that are produced using a tool like dreamweaver, in this case your dbQwikSite project is just a part of your whole web site.


Your project is all kept in your .dbh  and .xml files. It is your project information that is used to generate your web pages.  Your web pages are outputs of your project, this is why you can switch between ASP and PHP at deploy time, there is nothing in your project relating to the web page script language, it is just the design, the scripts are generated from the design.


Page Groups can be exported and imported between projects, as long as the databases are compatible.  Projects can also created from project templates available for download from dbQwikSite's web site.


Project files are upwardly compatible between dbQwikSite Editions.  This means that a project made with PRO cannot be opened with PE, but a project with PE can be opened with PRO.