Testing on Your PC

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While you are designing your interactive web site can test your pages in your browser.  dbQwikSite offers a powerful, on-the-fly PC testing feature.  You can, at any time, click the "test" button and test your pages right on you PC with no need to upload to your web host to see your pages "in action".   This section covers how to test on your PC.


Using Live Preview in also allows you to test your pages as you design them inside dbQwikSite.


Myths about Testing:


Myth: I must test using the same platform I plan to host on.

Fact:  You can test using ASP, dbQwikWebServer and MS Access and later deploy to a Linux server with PHP and mySQL.  dbQwikSite's X-gen (cross generation) technology makes this possible.


Myth:  If I want to test PHP script I have to install Apache, mySQL, PHP and more!

Truth:  If you have IIS Web Server installed you can install PHP support for IIS.  If however you are using dbQwikWebServer, then it cannot run PHP and you will need to install a web server which which can accept a PHP Script Support.


Myth:  Apache, MySQL and PHP require Linux (UNIX).

Truth: Apache, MySQL and PHP all have free versions available for download that will run on windows PC.


Requirements for PC Testing

Previewing in Web Browser