Sending an E-mail

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You can include E-mail Links in your web pages, so the user can send an e-mail to recipients constructed from the data values. For example, you may want to construct a company directory with an e-mail link for each employee.


To Add a Dynamic E-Mail link:


1. Right Click on the Page Item that you wish to format, and then select Properties from its popup menu.


2. The Page Item Properties window appears.


3. In the Hyperlink section,  Select the "An E-Mail Address" radio button.


4. Build the E-Mail Address using fields of static text and select any data fields you need from the drop down list. You will see the final mail link in the sample display below.  dbQwikSite will format the entry properly as an E-Mail link.




When your visitor clicks on an E-Mail link in the browser window, the browser will automatically open a mail window in your default mail program.