User Identification and Authentication

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User identification and Authentication is an integral part of dbQwikSite security system. Each user must be identified to the system, assigned a security level and password in order to access secured web pages.


To Create User Identification:


1. Right Click on the Login Page


2. Select Properties from its popup menu


3. The Page Setting Dialog box appears




4. Select the Access Model radio button. You can decide how you want to set security by doing one of the following:




Hierarchy Model: User can access all pages less than or equal to his/her security level.


This will protect the web page by user level. If your level is higher than or equal to the level of the security page you have specified, you may access that page. For example, if you set the access level for the  Delete Page to 6 and create user accounts for Administrator at level 9, Graphic Designer at level 3, and WebMaster at level 7. This will mean only users with Administrator and WebMaster access privileges can view the Delete Page.


Group Model: User can access all pages equal to user security level.


This level specifies the user access level by restricting a group of people. From the example above, you set the  access  level for Delete Page to 6 and Add Page to 3. Then set Administrator to 9, Web Master to 3, Graphic  Designer to 3. This will mean users with WebMaster and Graphic Designer access privileges will be able to  view  the Add Page.


5. Create User Accounts to access the web pages by:


 1. Create Static User Account: Add the user account in dbQwikSite Design one by one.


 2. Create user Account from database: Integrate data from database


- OR -


 3. Let dbQwikSite create user table for you


6. Click OK