Maintaining User Accounts

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If you have defined a Login Screen and secured any pages you will also need to create the necessary User IDs, or tell dbQwikSite where to find the security information in your database.

To Maintain a User Account


Right Click on the Global Group select Security Settings. The following screen will be displayed by default or when you click on the Users & Passwords category link on the left.




There are two functions to help you create user secure logins which are User Accounts from the Table Below (Static) and User Accounts From Database (Dynamic).


Note: If you select use user accounts from DBQwikSite this will create an Access based security table for you to then use as your security table, i.e. it will create a blank table you can then fill in as described below.



Using Static User Accounts


You can enter the User ID and Password Information for your users directly into dbQwikSite. Use the down arrow to go to the next record (auto save) or click on the check mark to save.


You can navigate or manipulate the table using the database navigation bar shown below:




The functions from left to right are:

First Record - Go to the top of the list.

Previous Page - Move backwards one page.

Previous Record - Move back one record.

Next Record - move to the next available record.

Next Page - Move forward one page.

Last Record - move to the bottom of the list (the last record).

Insert - Add a new record.

Delete - Delete the currently selected record.

Edit - Edit the currently selected record.

Save - Save any changes (current record).

Cancel - Ignore any changes (current record).


Note: If you place your cursor over the symbols in database navigation bar a hint will appear to help you.



Using Dynamic User Accounts


The dynamic user accounts are read from the database. You must tell dbQwikSite what table and which fields in that table to use as the security information.