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Version 6.0 introduces several new features with special emphasis on producing more feature rich and customizable web pages.


Ease of Development


Live Preview


dbQwikSite now shows your generated web page as you design.  It generates your pages as needed and displays them in the "Live Preview" pane.  This allows you to see exactly how your page will look and behave when you publish it.  Unlike design view, Live Preview includes custom code and plug-in code as well as all javascript and server behavior.  Live preview speeds the development cycle, you need to "Gen and Test" less often than before.


Enhance Web Page Functionality


Multiple Category Support

In previous version of dbQwikSite, you could add a category filter to your data list page.  Letting your visitor filter the list to locate or focus on a subset of records.  In V6 we've improved this functionality to include multiple categories, allowing even finer levels of filtering of data lists.  Previously filtering in was on one column, so for example you could filter on customer status.  Now you can add several filters to your customer page: Status, State/Prov, City and Age.  Now your filter can filter the customer list to show, all active 24 year olds, or all inactive customers in California,  of all Inactive 34 year olds, in London, Ontario.  They can do all kinds of filter combinations to locate record sets from the database.


Group Actions on List Page

This new feature lets you select (check) several records on your data page, and then apply an action to the checked records.  Much like many email web clients, let you check several email messages then move or delete them. Use this feature to let do mass updates or deletes to your records.  For example, if you have a community web site with a list of web site "members" you could check, check, check, new member records in the list page, and "approve" them to join the member community.


In-Place Add/Update/Delete

In previous releases in-place deletes were available where deletes can be accomplished directly from the list page without flowing to a delete page.  In version 6 we enhance this functionality to include in-place Add and Edit(Update) functionality.  When enabled, when a visitor selects "add" rather than flowing to a new add page, now a "pop up" dialog appears allowing your visitor to add a new record without leaving the data list page, likewise of the user chooses to edit a record, a pop-up dialog takes the place of the edit web page.


Unbound Forms

Previously, all forms had to have fields that tied to the database tables.  Now you can create add an update pages, with no need for database fields to be placed on the page.  What's the use of this?  If you want to create forms such as a "contact us" or "suggest a new product" or any other web form that generated an email to you, this is the way to do it using dbQwikSite.


Email Web Form Data

You can now have any add or edit page send a copy of the user input to you via email.  This is a great new feature if you need to know when someone is adding/updating records in your database, enable this and not only is the database updated, but you receive an email informing you of the action and the details of record that was updated.  For example if you had a member site, that new member can sign up using an "add" page, you might insert that record to the database with a "pending approval" status.  dbQwikSite would send you an email with the details of the new user, upon receiving of the email you can log in and approve that new member.



If you have unsecured dbQwikSite web pages for adding or updating data, capcha puts a stop to those annoying "robot" submission of your forms.  Captcha is the graphic display of a series of characters that form a "verification" code that your human visitors, must read and type in, but robots have a hard time to overcome this obstacle, thus reducing the "false" submission of forms on your site.



Autocomplete is a text entry box that is linked to a database field, as the visitor types, the database is read, and matching values found in the database appear in a drop-down list.  In version 6, you can convert any list menu control into an autocomplete control via a plug-in.


RTF Editor

Sometimes called RTF editor, HTML editor, WYSIWYG editor, no matter what you call it, it's here in V6.  If want to input formatted text the RTF control is for you.  Similar to the popular FKEdit, of NiceEdit controls, you can type, and format text right in your web page.  Version 6 includes a plug-in that converts any multi-line text input box into a RTF editor.


Quick Search

Want to let users search key fields of a data list page, without having to flow to the search page, quick search is just the ticket.  You can select a set of key fields form which users can select one, and type in a search value with filters the data list page records.


Search for Multiple Values

Sometimes you want to let your user search for more than one value of a field at a time.  For example search for a Ford Mustang that is either Red or Black.  Previously your user would have to do two searches, one for Red Mustangs and one for Black Mustangs.  But now you can enable multiple value search.  In this case, on the car color, now the user would see a search web page that has the ability to specify several colors to search on at one time.


PDF Web Pages

If your users want to have a pdf version of some of the web pages of your site, this new plug-in allows them to generate a pdf version of your html page using a free 3rd party web service, which converts HTML to PDF.


XML and JSON data

If your a web developer, sometimes you don't really want anything more than the data from a dbQwikSite page.  You can now call data list pages and data record display pages with URL parameter return=[XML/JSON], when you do this, the dbQwikSite page server return only the data in the form of either XML or JSON depending on the value of the "return" parameter.  Great for AJAX calls or for using dbQwikSite as a generator of back end "data services".


Enhanced Web Page Presentation


Data Input Form Layouts

New in V6 is the ability to create a custom layout for your data entry forms.  Prior to this release you were limited to specifying the number of columns in the layout and the order of the fields to place.  Now you can edit and create your own custom form layouts.  Custom form layouts can contain any formatting HTML you want to create professional, personalized data entry forms for add and edit pages.


10 HTML Zones let’s you add your own “stuff” to pages

Add  HTML “stuff” into more places on your page.  We’ve exposed the layout zones found in developer edition to all editions.  Previously in non-developer editions you could customize page headers and footers, as HTML segments.  Now you have the same functionality for 10 separate zones arranged around the dbQwikSite generated content in a North, East, South, and West fashion.  


Conditional Formatting

Ever think that you’d like to change the format of data on your page based on the value of that data.  For example show negative numbers in red, or bold any string that starts with “New “.  Conditional formatting lets you do just that.  You can control all CSS attributes of a data field based on the value contained in that field


Google Charts

Who doesn’t like looking at graphs to visual their data?  Whether it’s monthly sales or average rainfall; graphs inherently make numerical data easier to understand.  dbQwikSite now seamlessly integrates to Google’s free (conditions apply) web service for creating graphs.  No coding required, just pick the columns to graph and dbQwikSite does the rest.


Google Map and Windows Live Maps

Add maps to your web sites, with ease.  This handy plug-in just needs to know which field in your data is the map address or a longitude / Latitude pair to add the power of interactive maps to your page.


Improved CSS

We've added more CSS classes to each page to let you control the look and feel of your pages to a finer level than before. Means that you can now control color, alignment, font or virtually any other CSS class attribute of your page.


Item level CSS control

Every page item now lets you assign your own inline CSS attributes on both the caption and the data values.  Now you can make certain fields stand out, and other fade out.  Any CSS attributes are available down to the finest level of your page design.


Scrollable Data Areas

Put your dbQwikSite data into a scrollable areas on your page, supporting both horizontal and vertical scrolling.  Sometimes your data display area demands can wreak havoc with your page layout forcing your page width too wide or pushing critical design elements below the "fold".  This hand plug-in lets you contain your data to a fixed dimension window if the data is too big for that window, scroll bars are automatically added.


Enhanced Navigation Menu Placement

A new plug in, now helps you place you navigation menus, either horizontally (default) or vertically on your page .


Various Fixes and Enhancements


Copy/Paste Attributes Enhanced

The explorer function to copy and paste design attributes between page items has been enhanced to now include new attributes added to page items since version 5.2.


Import/Export Groups

The import/export group function has been enhanced to include group attributes added since version 5.2.


Enhance European Numerical/Date Format Support

Greater support has been added to manage differences in number and date formats between us standard and european conventions.

eg 12,3 vs 12.3


Fixed Data Export Function

Data export now can be controlled to restrict to data only and exclude HTML formatting.