myODBC for MySQL

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If you are planning to connect to mySQL from your PC you will need to install and set up a myODBC connection.  Below are the steps you will need to get a connection installed.


myODBC Driver for your PC


Important Note:  If you have installed help on your PC.  Always check the on-line version of this help page on the web using this address:


In order to design using a mySQL database, you will need  to download and install the ODBC driver for MySQL before you are able to connect to a mySQL database.The ODBC driver for mySQL is called myODBC and can be downloaded from the mySQL web site at the following URL:




The recommended version of MyODBC for dbQwikSite 5 is


Important ‘Advanced Settings’ are required. Read the details on the last section of this page


myODBC Configuration Settings


You can access mySQL connection setting by using the Connection Wizard or the ODBC Administrator.  When setting up a mySQL ODBC connection your will be presented with the following myODBC dialog.



myODBC Login Dialog


You must fill this in with the details that are particular to your environment:




Data Source Name

The name you want to assign to this connection.


Any notes that you want to add.  This field has no effect on the connection.


the URL, name or IP address of the server running MySQL, if it is running local use "Localhost" or


The database user ID that has been assigned by the database administrator or ISP.  Sometimes it is "root" or your domain name.  This usually is not the same as your hosting control panel user ID.


The password your database administrator or ISP has assigned to you for logging into your database.  This usually is not the same as your hosting control panel password.

Your database name

if you have enters the preceding values correctly, you will be presented with a list of databases on the server, to which you have access.  Select the database you wish this connection to access.







leave blank, unless you installed using a non-standard port and have been advised to use a value your Hosting has provided.  Note: the standard port is 3306


Leave this blank, unless your hosting has advised you otherwise.

Initial Statement

Leave blank



Advanced Settings:



Make sure all options on your connection are set as above.

Note: Enable Auto-Reconnect resolves most cases of My server has gone away errors.



Click TEST



Your test must be successful in order to use this connection in dbQwikSite projects.


If your test fails please verify your settings and try again.  If you are sure the settings are correct, but you cannot connect to your database on a host server, it is likely that your hosting has blocked remote connections to mySQL for security reasons.  If this is the case, you have the options to either user dbQwikSite's mySQL Script Import feature, or to install mySQL on your PC.