Working with the Designer

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dbQwikSite program's main window is called the "Designer". In this window you can create all your web pages, customize your site's appearance and control the behavior of your pages.  From the Designer you can also launch testing on your PC, generate and publish your web site.


This section describes the elements of the Designer and helps you understand the tools and displays that you will use to create your web site.




Working with the Designer

The Explorer

The Design Layout Area

Refreshing the Preview

Live Preview

Page Groups

Creating Page Groups

Page Group Wizard

dbQwikSite Page Types

Showing and Hiding Pages


Page Settings Navigator

Getting Things Done with Wizards

Project Wizard

Gen Genie

Item Multi Editor

Data Field Multi Editor

Project Settings in Global Group

Derived Fields

Site Navigation

Site Menus

Button Navigation

Saving Your Web Pages

Internal HTML Editor

External HTML Editor Setup

Importing HTML

Service Manager

How to Get dbQwikStart Templates