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If your web site does not already have a home page, you can have dbQwikSite create a home page for your site, you can use this for testing, and replace it with a real home page as you need.


dbQwikSite will create a home page as an option.  The name of this page is Index.html, be aware that if you already have an index.html file on your web server, this file will overwrite that one if you deploy it to your server.  That is why we do not generate the index (home) page automatically.


How to generate a home page: New Project


If you create your project using the project wizard, it automatically asks if you would like a home page as part of your project.  To have dbQwikSite create your home page, click "Yes" when this dialog appears, if you do not want a home page created, click "No".




How to generate a home page: Exising Project


To add an index page to an existing project, select Plugins>Add a Home Page...




The Home Page


The home page that dbQwikSite creates for you is fairly simple.  In preview it appears as below.  But when you deploy it, dbQwikSite will provide it generate a set of links to all the pages of your site generation that are directly enterable (eg it does not include a link to the update page, because the update page requires that a record is selected via the database to update).