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You can add banners, address information etc to the bottom of your web pages.  Adding HTML into the page footer will display this at the bottom of all your pages.


To Add a Custom Page Footer:


 1. Select the appropriate page in the Explorer.


 2a. Click on the Page Footer button on the toolbar btn_page_Footer_001




 2b. Right Click and select Properties from the pop up menu


 3. The Page Setting window is shown as below.


 4. Click on Page Footer Menu (Page Setting Window > Page Properties > Page Header)


 5. From here, you can type in the text you wish to add at the bottom of the page. Include HTML tags to modify the style of your text if desired.



If you want to replicate this footer on other pages of your group or site, click the Apply to Button.

btn_footer_apply_to_001This will display a dialog of options for the Apply action.




Tip: Should you need to do some more detailed HTML modifications, use the built-in HTML editor!