Working with Databases

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dbQwikSite is a tool that works with databases, both the program itself and your generated pages interact with your databases.  This section covers an overview of databases, and how to connect, create, read, and work with your databases in order to produce a database web site.


Changing Table Structures

The Universal Table Editor

Adding Columns

Changing Columns

Deleting Columns

Changing Primary Keys

Using Existing Databases

Creating Connections

Connection Wizard

ODBC Connections

Managing ADO Connections

Creating ADO Connections

Excel as a Datasource

Connecting to MySQL Databases

mySQL Essentials

myODBC for MySQL

Importing MySQL Scripts

Publishing to mySQL

Installing and configuring PHP with MySQL

Creating a Database

Database Wizard

Creating Tables From Web Forms

Importing MySQL Script

Working with Database Records

The Visual Query Builder

How to Build a Query

Adding Tables to Query

Selecting Fields for your Query

Joining Tables

Filtering Records

Sorting Data

Eliminating Duplicate Records

View SQL

Viewing Selected Data

Customizing the Query

Other Topics

Database Tips

Moving Your Data to Your Server