Database (Your)

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When we first think of a database, we naturally tend to think in terms of our data.  We think of "my customer database" or "my recipe database".  Indeed these are your databases.  But each of your databases is stored in a particular file format, such as MS Access or mySQL.  Many times we will hear about MS Access or my SQL as also being "databases".  All this interchangeable terminology can sometimes lead to confusion.  However let us agree that you have a collection of records stored in some format, and this is "your database".


You must have "Your database" located on (or accessible to ) the web server computer where your pages are running.  It makes sense that your pages display your data, and your data is in your database and this database must be accessible to your pages. So you need to make sure that no matter where your pages are running, they must access your database (or a copy) in order to run.


If you have designed against a MS Access database on your PC, you must move that database to your host for the pages to find the data.  If you are designing against a mySQL database on your host using a remote connection, you don't have to move your database... because it is already on your web server. Also don't forget:  just because you bought a hosting package which includes a database, it will not have "Your Database", you need to get your database loaded onto your host.