Creating Tables From Web Forms

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dbQwikSite provides you with wizard to Import any web form, and create a database table based on the fields of the form and generate pages to manage this table.  You can import web forms directly from the internet of from a file on your PC.


Many webmasters are familiar with web forms.  Using an HTML editor you can visually design a form, that collects data which you would like to store in your database.  Just open that form in dbQwikSite Web Form to DB Wizard, and dbQwikSite will guide you through the process of creating a table and page group on your new table.


You can also import any web form from the internet.  Just point dbQwikSite's Web Form to DB Wizard to the URL and it will create the table and pages.  You need to manage the data of that form.


Note:  Importing web forms imports only the fields definitions not the appearance of the form.


To Import a web form into dbQwikSite:


1) Start the Web Form to DB Wizard, from the Wizard Menu:





The Wizard Starts:


2) Enter a URL or Browse to a file on your PC, then click Load

Hint: To enter a URL, browse to the page in your browser, then copy the address from your browser, and paste it here.


3) When the form has fully loaded, click Next.

dbQwikSite will ask you to select a name for the new table in your database.  By default, the name is the HTML form Name tag if it exists in the form you loaded.  You can give any name you like as long as it does not already exist in your database and that it complies with the naming conventions of your database.



4) dbQwikSite will create a table based on your form.  You can further customize the table to your requirements.



5)  dbQwikSite now launches the New Group wizard allowing you create a new page group:


The new group wizard show automatically when you create a new group or perform other actions that in turn require a new page group.  It guides your through steps of getting your pages setup and ready for design and testing.  The