Converting Projects from Previous Versions

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When we release a new version of dbQwikSite we always make sure that it is able to open projects of the previous version.


Normally there is nothing special that you will need to do to "convert" projects from older versions.  The project is converted automatically as soon as you open it. Note that you cannot open Project created by newer versions of the software with older versions.  This means that if you open a project created with 5.4 using dbQwikSite 6.0 and save your project, you cannot then open this project with 5.4.  For this reason is it always wise to copy or back up your projects when upgrading your software versions.


It is also important to note that interoperability of projects between all editions can open and save projects of the same version (eg 6.0), but if you open a project with a "lesser" edition, features not included in this edition will no be generated.