Conditional formatting

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Conditional formatting lets you change the display attributes of a data value depending on its value.

For example you may want to show negative numbers in red text, or you may want to highlight a field if it contains the value "Inactive".


This example shows conditional highlighting, that turns items that negative in the back order column red and bold.




You can add conditional formatting to any item of data display pages (but not data edit pages)

You can use the "contains" comparison for text data

You can use the comparative operators (<,>,= etc) on numeric data types.


To Add Conditional Formatting to your pages.


Expand the items of your page

Right Click the Page Item in the Explorer that you want to add conditional formatting on.

Select "Properties" from the pop up menu.

Click the "Conditional Formatting" tab

Specify the condition and the text attributes that you want to use to highlight your data.