Backing Up and Restoring Projects

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Backing up:

dbQwikSite automatically creates a backup of your project every time you begin an edit session, that is to say every time you open your project.  dbQwikSite will keep the last 5 session backups in a sub-folder of your project folder.  The sub-folder name is "AutoBackups" you will see folders numbered -1, -2...-5.  where -5 is the oldest and -1 is the newest.



To recover a file:

1.Stop the dbQwikSite program.
2.Back up or rename your project file in your main project folder.
3.copy the backup dbh file into your main project folder
4.Restart dbQwikSite.


Warning!  Read this!

The auto backup only backs up your project.dbh and .xml files.  You project also uses images, databases and other files. Auto-backup is not meant as a way to protect your computer and projects from all types of failures.  You are strongly advised to perform regular backups of your PC to external media.