Active Plug-in Settings

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To make active plug settings easier to manage for an entire web site, the settings appear at 3 levels:

1.Site (Global Group)

With the "site" being the highest level and "page" being the lowest level.  Settings at the highest level "trickle down" to the lowest level.  So if for example you set your google graph background color to pink, then all groups and pages will show graphs with pink backgrounds.  If you override a setting at a group level, then that override will apply to all pages within that group.  If you override a setting at the page group it applies to that page only.


Tip:  set your setting as far up the hierarchy as makes sense.


This way if you want to make global changes and say change your Google Graph Background color to Yellow, you change it at the global level and it will "trickle" down to all your pages... except those which you have overrode the background color.  If you had set background color to red on each page, then when you set the global background color to blue, no pages will change, as each page setting is an override.