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Why do I have to register my user information? What about my privacy?We realize that your privacy is important. We keep your personal details strictly confidential. By giving us your personal details we can identify you as a paying customer and ensure that you get support and program updates, as well as discounts on new versions.
Why do I have to "activate" my program?Activating your program registers you as the licensee of the software and entitles you to free upgrades and technical support. By activating, we know that you are our customer and we can take the best possible care of you.
Who uses dbQwikSite?The majority of users are small businesses located all around the world. We have many big name users you may recognize, including: Miramar Federal Credti Union, Nestle USA, Fujitsu Australia Ltd, Northern Foods plc UK, GE Medical Systems USA, Cambridge University UK, Canadian High Commission UK, Global Telecomunicazioni Italia, and National Commercial Bank Jamaica, to name a few.
Where can I get more help on using dbQwikSite?One of the best places to start is your program help. It can answer many of your questions. For specific questions and problems try our on-line knowledge base, that allows you to search through our support logs the questions and answers. You can also post your own questions to support. If you need help with features and technical questions, you can e-mail for sales related enquiries email
Where can I find a reseller near me?Check out our authorized Reseller page.

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