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Is your on-line payment secured?We use the services of Element 5, for payment processing. We selected Element 5 due to their impeccable reputation. The operate a secure payment service with the highest available security.
Do you offer educational pricing?Yes, educational pricing is available from
Do you have a printed Manual?No, we do not print a manual, for a number of reasons. First is that we believe that there is no need for such an environmentally unsound practice. We do include an electronic help file that is even better that a manual. You can search and use hyper links which is not possible with a hardcopy manual.
Where can I get more help on using dbQwikSite?One of the best places to start is your program help. It can answer many of your questions. For specific questions and problems try our on-line knowledge base, that allows you to search through our support logs the questions and answers. You can also post your own questions to support. If you need help with features and technical questions, you can e-mail for sales related enquiries email
What is the Combo Package, and why would I need it?The combo package is two programs dbQwikSite, and dbQwikEdit offered at one low price. dbQwikEdit is a query builder and data manager, that will help you access the information in your database. It also has powerful data synchronization features that can help move data from your workstation to your server. dbQwikSite will publish data, dbQwikEdit will help you manage your data.

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