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Why do I have to register my user information? What about my privacy?We realize that your privacy is important. We keep your personal details strictly confidential. By giving us your personal details we can identify you as a paying customer and ensure that you get support and program updates, as well as discounts on new versions.
I see your software for sale for much less on other sites; can I buy from these sites to save money?Many of the sites you see are selling illegal pirated version of our software. If you buy from these sites, you will not get support or updates and you will be supporting a illegal activity. If you have any doubt if a site offer is legitimate send us the web address (URL) and our sales team will verify if this is a legitimate reseller.
Do you offer volume discounts?Yes, volume pricing is available from
What's the difference between Sponsored, Standard, Pro and Plus?The basic difference is in the level of functionality in each version. Sponsored is a low cost, limited function version, Standard allows publishing of data but no on-line data management. Pro has all functionality for publishing and data management. Some versions are available to ASP or PHP. If you need both ASP and PHP, then the PLUS option will enable both scripting languages.
If I order, how do I get my full version?If you are buying on-line your delivery is virtually instant. We immediately send you an e-mail with instructions on downloading your full copy and activating this copy. If you order a CD you will still get the download information and a CD will be sent to you within the next few business days.

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