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Can I buy a Boxed copy with a CD?Yes, you can order a boxed copy at the same price, plus shipping and handling charges.
Can I buy dbQwikSite in a store near me?We are working to get more stores to carry our products, at this time JR Music of New York City USA carries our product. We also have resellers in a number of countries that can ship to you.
Why do I have to "activate" my program?Activating your program registers you as the licensee of the software and entitles you to free upgrades and technical support. By activating, we know that you are our customer and we can take the best possible care of you.
Can I install on more than 1 computer?Yes, if the second computer is for your personal use, such as your laptop. Each license is for a single user. If you need to activate on a second computer, you need to contact support so that they can enable a second activation for your software.
If I loose my registration information what can I do?Always be sure to keep a copy of your serial number or online order. We keep records of all registered users; we can normally verify using your personal details. Tech support will normally have you back up and working within hours.

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