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How do I get my data to the server?The answer to this question will be different depending on your database types. For file based databases like MS Access, FoxPro, DBF it is usually just a case of moving the files your server. For the transactional databases like mySQL, SQL server, Oracle you likely need to export and import the data using SQL statements or perhaps database replication may work. Our technical team and your web hosting company can usually get you on the right path.
If I buy, what support can I expect?We stand behind all our products. Our on-line Knowledge base and Issue Tracking system is the best place to start. We are always happy to answer support e-mail directly to We are also able to take your telephone calls during our business hours +66 2 664-7252
If I need "professional" help, can you assist?We operate a software outsourcing center. We have designers, graphic artists, database experts and programmers able to assist you with your web site development. Visit our services pages:
Can I use dbQwikSite to make online reports?You can create simple reports and lists using dbQwikSite, More advanced requirements may be better handled by a reporting program.
Can I make a web catalog using dbQwikSite?Yes, you can. If you have database with your product simply tell dbQwikSite to read this database and you can have a web based catalog within minutes.

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